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Weather Scout

Weather Scout

Weather Scout brings a modular approach to on-farm climate monitoring.

From the standard to the most advanced system, all weather stations can be readily upgraded to include a range of precise sensors. In advanced applications, data from multiple sensors can be combined to give derived variables such as evapotranspiration and disease probability.

Weather Monitoring Station
Measures wind speed, relative humidity, solar radiation, air temperature, and rainfall. Calculates potential evapotranspiration.

Key Benefits and Features

Meet FEP best practice
with real-time soil moisture data

Free access to Pessl FieldClimate
web and phone app. Low ongoing charges for data only 20/month/station.

Integration with other applications
including services such as ReGen NZ and FarmIQ.

Easily tailored to your requirements
Sensors can be added or removed to suit your needs.

Quality design and build
Made in Austria (Europe).

Proven product globally
for the last 35 years. Highest quality local support.

1-year warranty


Hyper-local weather forecast
On-farm climate data can be turned into hyper-local agro-specific forecasting insights that are viewed from the FieldClimate platform. Additionally, data can be incorporated into a predictive work planning module for optimising nitrogen applications and field operations.

Additional Sensors & probes
Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
Measures wind direction and speed.

Drill & Drop Soil Probe
Available in 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, and 120cm.
Measures soil moisture, salinity, and soil temperature.

Leaf Wetness Sensor
Measures duration of leaf wetness.
Used for crop disease modelling.

Wet and Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor
Used for frost warnings

Our Weather Scout will help you make the right decision at the right time.
With the data measured in your field, combined with weather forecasting, you will be able to make informed decisions about which steps should be taken next.

Talk to your Carrfields Technology team today about a tailored